Leading the Voice for a Product Launch
Purpose driven content and visual communication applied consistently to brand touch points.
A Company Overview Video to Engage
Elevating the Anchor Digital profile through a multi-media content marketing strategy.
Drafted the storyline, assembled design animation, and arranged sound.

For full site copy and video: www.anchordigital.io
Bringing Clarity and Shaping Perspective
Guiding investors by reducing complex ideas down to straightforward concepts.
Wrote a white paper for the Anchor Digital product launch.  The paper relied on an ability to work with complex material to produce an easily digestible paper, as well as specialized experience in the finance industry.
Creating the Building Blocks For Digital Asset Management.
This white paper discusses how as the blockchain ecosystem grows, the breadth of quality investments in crypto assets will expand, providing a new asset class for traditional investors.   It then goes on to outline how the firm's product offering meets the needs of this idiosyncratic asset class with professional tools needed to effectively operate in the management of these assets.
Download Whitepaper
Getting the Word Out.  
Weilding words to bolster a brand, build product awareness, and drive top-level engagement.  
We thought holistically about the consumer and the needs of the market, bringing solutions to life with product narratives created around user personas.  Content written and visually designed for organic or paid social.
Other Work For This Client